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last change: 09/02/2006

This Site is special for C64/128-GEOS-User. Therefore I have used no frames, many graphics and some other things that make problems to view this site of this mashine.








My name is Werner Weicht. I was born in June of 1963 and are plumber by profession. Since about 10 years now I work with C64/C128 and especially with GEOS, the best operating system for the C64/C128.

Over the years I have began with programming for GEOS 64/128. At beginning I have created little tools for better use GEOS. Actually I work on patches to fix some bugs and problems in Geos programs. For more informations please take a look at the Projects site.

My equipment: C128 D (metal case), CMD SuperCPU with 16 MB RamCard, Commodore REU 1 MB, Drive FD-4000, Drive 1581, Drive 1571, Drive 1541, Mouse, geoKeys (PC keyboard in Geos), 64NET, Printer HP DeskJet 5652, GEOS 64 V2.5, GEOS 128 V2.1., Wheels 128, MegaPatch 64/128.

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E-Mail: wweicht@t-online.de

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Geos User Club - GUC - the german user group for GEOS 64/128 and PC-GEOS/Newdeal user

Wolfgang Grimm - TopDesk, GEOS MegaPatch 64/128 V3.0

Colin J. Thomson - News for Commodore 64/128, many links, ...

Roy & Ronny Bachmann - programs for GEOS 64/128

Maurice Randall - Wheels 64/128, geoFax, geoShell, The Wave

Errol Smith - PKUNZIP (V2.x) for C64/128

Pasi 'Albert' Ojala - PUZIP, GUNZIP, GunZipGEOS

Bo Zimmerman - GEOS FAQ and more

Michael Nausch - GIG SÜD e.V, a german geos user group / OMNI-World , a BBS on a C128 system

Commodore Users of Edmonton - GEOS games and more

Stefan "Doc of Desire" Schauf - C64 party and Hardware shop (cables, power supply units and more)

When you will add your WWW-Site with Geos 64/128 related topic in this list please contact me at eMail .

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